Board of Directors and Staff

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Board of Directors


[ChairDr. Jeff Farrow, Owner, Pulmonary Associates in Johnson City
[elected Chair 12/2013; elected Secretary 11/2012;  member since 12/2008]

[Co-Chair] Dr. Jerry Miller, Medical Director Community Health Alliance, Founder Holston Medical Group
[elected Co-Chair 11/2012; member since 11/2008]

[Secretary] Ms. Kim Keith, Keith Family Vision Clinic
[elected Secretary 12/2013; member since 11/2012]

[TreasurerMr. Tony Benton, COO, Washington County Hospitals,
Mountain States Health Alliance
[elected Treasurer 11/2012; member since 12/2011]


Mr. Todd Norris, Executive Director Wellmont Foundation,
Senior Vice President System Advancement, Wellmont Health System
[member since 03/2012]

Dr. John F. (Trey) Robertson, John Lawson Surgical Associates
[member since 05/2013]
Ms. Tamela CollinsAssistant VP of Operations, MSMG
[member since 12/2013]
Ms. Kim Holley, Financial Advisor & Partner at Cary Street Partners
[member since 04/2014]
Mr. Michael Manning, Practice Administrator Reeves Eye Institute
[member since 06/2014]
Ms. Tina Patrick, Practice Administrator, Gastrointestinal Associates
[member since 04/2015]


Dr. James Battle, Johnson City Eye Clinic
[member since 12/2013; service ended 12/2015]
Dr. Joseph Smiddy, Pulmonary Associates in Kingsport
[member since 12/2011; service ended 09/2015]
Dr. John Franko, Chair of ETSU Department of Family Medicine
[elected Chair 11/2012; elected Co-Chair 08/2012; member since 12/2008; serviced ended 12/2013]
Ms. Susan LaGuardiaExecutive Director Kingsport Tomorrow
[member since 07/2012; service ended 11/2013]
Ms. Elliott Moore, Vice President, Community and Government Relations, Mountain States Health Alliance
[Treasurer; service ended 12/2012]
Dr. Larry Schmidt, Gastointestinal Associates, Johnson City
[Secretary; service ended 12/2012]
Ms. Alice Pope, CFO Wellmont Health System
[member since 05/2012; service ended 07/2013]
Mr. David Nicely, CEO of Washington County Tennessee Facilities, Mountain States Health Alliance
[member since 04/2012; service ended 06/2013]
Dr. Ben Scharfstein, Bristol Surgical Associates
[member since 05/2009; service ended 12/2012]
Dr. Dan David, Health Alliance PHO/Physician
[Chair; service ended 05/2012]
Dr. Paul Brown, Johnson City Internal Medicine
[member since 11/2008; term ended 12/2011]
Bradley Nurkin, CEO Johnson City Medical Center, Mountain States Health Alliance
[member since 04/2011; service ended 09/2011]
Dr. Stephen Combs, Pediatric Physician and Director of Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care,
Wellmont Health System
 [service ended 12/2010]
Gary Mayes, Director Sullivan County Health Department
[member since 10/2008; service ended 10/2009]
Dr. Mark Overbay, Family Physician, Wellmont Health System
Dr. Jack Butterworth, Bristol Urological Associates
Dr. Tony Oliva, CMO Wellmont Health System [service ended 12/2007]

Executive Director
Aubrey Everhart, M.S.S.W., HIM Federal Navigator [01/2011-Current; Care Manager 09/2009-12/2010]

Annette Oxborrow, Office Administrator, Marketplace Assister [09/2015-Current]

Tracy Pate, B.P.H., Community Outreach, HIM Federal Navigator [05/2011-Current]
Marcia Dempsey, B.A., HIM Federal Navigator [12/2015 – Current] – Bilingual (Spanish)

Case Management
Brooks Blair, M.S.W., Lead Care Manager, HIM Certified Application Counselor [04/2009 – Current]
Robin Ellis, R.N., Care Manager, Marketplace Assister [05/2015 – Current]
Andrea Brady, M.S.W., Care Manager, [01/2016 – Current]


ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Ashley Wagner [Fall 2015-Spring 2016]
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Desarei Hoss [Fall 2014-Spring 2015]
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Amber Mahan [Fall 2013-Spring 2014]
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Andrea Brady [Fall 2012-Spring 2013]
ETSU School of Social Work (BSW) – Demia Smith  [Fall 2012 – Spring 2013]
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Vu Vue [Fall 2011-Spring 2012]
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Allison Sherfey [Fall 2011-Spring 2012]
ETSU School of Public Health (BSPH) – Tracy Pate [Spring 2011]
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – Kim Garland [Fall 2010-Spring 2011]
ETSU School of Social Work (BSW) – Carolyn Conerly – Summer 2010
ETSU School of Social Work (MSW) – April Collins [Fall 2009 – Spring 2010]


Kathy Bailey, Brett Everhart, Christopher Blair
Lili Martinez, Wendy Rapalo

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