Specialty Care Coordination [SCC] Program

STEP 1: Patients must first talk with their providers about being referred to Project Access.  We accept direct referrals from any participating provider (Primary Care, Specialty Care, Hospital). Patients cannot refer themselves.  If you are already seeing a provider, ask him/her to participate with our program.  If your provider is participating and believes you would be a good fit for our program, he/she can send over a Referral and Supportive Documentation.  If your provider is not participating, ask him/her to contact our office and we can explain the process.  Or refer him/her to our website for general information.  If you do not have a provider, you can get started at one of our area’s community-based clinics, who are able to provide Primary Care.  

Step 2: Project Access receives a Referral and Supportive Documentation from your provider.  We review the referral and ask your provider any clarifying questions.

Step 3: Project Access contacts you usually within 3-7 days after receiving the Referral.  We will call the phone numbers listed on the Referral Form and/or mail you a letter to the address listed on the Referral Form…so make sure the provider always has your updated contact information.

Step 4: Patients who have been contacted by Project Access should call us within 30 days to answer a set of Pre-Screening Eligibility Questions. These questions go over our main Eligibility Criteria (uninsured, residency, medical need, and financial).

Step 5: Based on the answers to these questions, our staff may offer you an Enrollment or Intake Appointment at one of our offices.  There are certain standard appointment times, two appointments per Care Manager, Monday – Thursday (alternative appointments will only be considered under certain circumstances and must be agreed to by the Care Manager who will be meeting with you).  This allows for 24 appointment slots per week.  Due to the number of patients referred for our services, it is important that you keep your scheduled appointment if at all possible to avoid having to wait.  Patients are allowed two (2) appointments, whether they are rescheduled, cancelled, or no-shows.  After this, our office will require an Updated Referral to schedule additional appointments.

*Make sure to review the List of Required Documents and bring all the paperwork with you.  Your Care Manager can make copies of the documents at our office. If you are having difficulty gathering the required documents, please call our office for assistance at 423.232.6700.

Required Documents

These documents are required if and when they apply to you.
Other documents may be requested by your Care Manager after she meets with you.
Please note that we look at household income, resources, and expenses.  You should provide documentation of your expenses, even if they are not in your name, if you are responsible for them.  Include both current and past due bills.

Tax Informationmost recent W2s and Tax Return; or Letter of Non-Filing
(available by calling 423-282-5024)

Income –  most current Paystubs (at least 3); or Employment Verification Letter
Unemployment, Child Support, Spousal Support, Social Security, SSI, Student Loans, Settlement, Inheritance, Gift
Letter of Support –
a signed and dated letter from the person helping you, specifically how he/she is helping you, for how long he/she has helped or intends to help you, and the person’s contact information in case we have any follow-up questions
Food Stamps, WIC, Housing Assistance or Voucher
Assets –
Bank Statements (6 months; full statements not summaries), Stock, Bonds, 401(k), IRA, other savings or sources
Other – 
Picture ID,Vehicle Titles/Registrations
Monthly Bills 
(even if you are unable to pay them) Mortgage/Rent, Utility (electric, water, gas), Vehicle Payments, Phone, 
Cable, Internet,
Home or Vehicle Insurance, Child Care, Credit Cards,  Loans, Judgements, Medical Bills

The Enrollment Process Brochure can be downloaded here
The Enrollment Process