Thank You Notes

This page is dedicated
to the expression of gratitude.
From patients, from providers,
from staff, to each other and
our larger community of supporters, family, and friends.



July 30
From Patient to Project Access: “I will start working on your list of requirements.  Even if you can’t help me, I really do appreciate the work that you folks do…”

May 09
From Patient regarding a Pulmonary Appointment with Dr. Smiddy: “Everyone was very nice and treated me well”.  He was also given medication samples. -B.R.

May 01
From Patient regarding an Oncology Appointment with Dr. Doherty: “His assistant, Melany, is wonderful”.  She gave the Patient her own cell phone number in case the Patient needed anything before surgery. -R.H.

April 18
Patient Report regarding Johnson City Medical Center: “I had a really good experience. ”  The nurses made sure she was well “instead of rushing me out the door because I’m uninsured”.  She kept track of every nurse so she could thank them.  After this experience, she wants to become a CNA. -R.G.

Patient Report regarding an Orthopaedic Appointment with Dr. McKinney: “Not a lot of people would do what you are doing”.  -R.G.

April 04
Patient Report regarding a participating Orthotics Group: “Very kind and willing to help as quickly as possible” -J.C.

April 03
Patient regarding a Gastroenterology Appointment with Dr. Reddy: “He treated me like I had a million bucks to spend on him.” -K.K.


September 01
To all, Physical Therapy: “Just a little note to let each of you know just how good I am doing…the help I received thru you working with me, showing me exercises to do at home, I am now able to extend my arm straight up and out!!  I have almost gotten it to where I can try and raise it up it up behind my back.  Thru Project Access I was able to come to physical therapy and for that I am extremely grateful.”  -B.B.

“I have no insurance coverage and several major illnesses and could not afford to go to the Drs.  Thru this Project I was able to see several Drs., including Dr. Lamb and Dr. Schmidt…those two are very crucial to my health.”  – B.B.

August 29
“I want to thank Dr. McQueary for his services to me.  I really appreciate you getting me back to normal.  …a true blessing and may God always be with you and your business.  I want you to know that I feel great and I’m doing really good.  It’s people like you that make this world a better place.”  -T.D.

August 23
“Thanks” to the following providers: Johnson City Medical Center Radiology, Dr. Garcia, Dr. Youssef, Sylvia Taylor, and AstraZeneca for their patient assistance program for Symbicort.”  -J.R.

August 21
“Project Access was a great help to me, without them and the doctors that helped me I believe I would not still be here.  I would recommend Dr. Eva Pickler, Dr. Trey Robertson, and the Med Center’s Home Health.”  – M.M.

August 20
“I would like to thank you for your help in my time of need.  I would also like for you to pass on to all the physicians that are working with Project Access.  I was without income and needing medical help… was a big relief being able to see a doctor that could help me without being threatened with collection agencies.  I would like thanks passed on to Dr. Kfoury and Dr. Lamb.”  – T.A.

August 1
To Dr. Tongco: “Thank you for your help.  God bless you.”  – M.C.

July 27
To Dr. Schmidt: “Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor.”  – S.A.

July 24
To Dr. Borsch: “Thank you very much for participating in the Project Access Program.  I would not have got to see a Dr. because my insurance had not went into effect.  I thank God some Drs. still care about people who would not get to see a Dr. without help.”  – R.H.

To Bristol Surgery Center and Ben Scharfstein: “Thank you”  -R.L.

June 25
“It is refreshing and wonderful to know that there are caring and gracious doctors that are willing to reach out.  Thank you to all who make Project Access work.”  -L.J.

June 11
To Dr. Olive and Carol: “Thank you for being a Project Access provider.  Your generosity and kindness have meant alot.”  Project Access “…helped keep my health in check…was able to have lab work monitored…Just today diagnosed with a skin cancer spot on face.”  -B.H.

May 10
“Didn’t know they made a whole lot of nice til now!  You’re in my prayers…  Thank you so much for everything.”  – P.S.

April 12
“I would like to thank the staff at J.C.M.C., Pulmonary Center, and Cardiovascular Department, everyone was very nice and helpful, treated me very kind.  I think her name is Cathy that done my PFT.  She went out of her way…she tried to find me before I left that day, so I could have oxygen to take home with me.”  -K.S.

March 15
To Dr. Kramer: “Thank you so much for the excellent care you’ve provided me.  I don’t know what I would have done if you did not accept Project Access.  God bless you.”  -C.W.

March 1
To Dr. Palmeri: “I wanted to thank you, for being so nice to my mother and myself.  Also, for all the kindness…through my chemo treatments.  You have been a great doctor and friend.”  -S.N.

To Dr. Doherty: “I wanted to thank you for being such a nice doctor and explaining everything where I could understand.  I am in good hands.”  -S.N.

To Dr. Floyd, June, and all of the Nurses: “Thank you so much for being so good to me through them 34 radium treatments.  They were ruff.  God bless all of you.”  -S.N.

Dr. Huffaker: “Thank you for providing voluntarily, your surgical expertise skills to eliminate a long standing medical condition in my life.  You have given me hope!”  -J.R.

To Care Manager, Brooks: “Thank you for your professional time and consideration extended to me as a client; but also your personal input into my life.  As I mentioned in my thank you to Dr. Huffaker, you have given me hope for the future.”  -J.R.

January 05
“I want to thank Project Access for everything that it did for me.  God bless you all.”  -R.L.

Congratulations to our 2011 Provider Award Winners:

Washington County:
Dr. Boutros, Dr. Robertson, Dr. Schmidt, Pulmonary Associates of East TN, and CVT Surgery Group.

Sullivan County:
Kingsport Area: Dr. Smiddy, HMG, Wellmont CVA.
Bristol Area: Wellmont CVA and Gastroenterology Associates.



November 15
Card from Patient – “Thank you for all your care while I was on the Project Access program. I don’t know what I would have done without you…” – D.R.

November 09
From Project Access – Thank you to Ms. Laura Halm from News Channel 5, WCYB, for doing a nightly news story on our patient, Ms. Williams, her doctor and our Board Member, Dr. Jeff Farrow, and our program in general.

June 27
From Project Access – Thank You for all the donations of clothing, housewares, and odds & ends toward our Yard Sale on Saturday. Thank You to all of our staff who volunteered their time. Thank you to all our family and friends who came out and supported us.

June 21
Card from Patient to Medical Equipment Supplier – “Thank you so very much to _______ Home Care, _________ Operations Manager, for CPAP supplys”.

June 13
Letter from Patient – “My name is Diane Page. I was hospitalized with an acute diverticulitus attack. Cat scan showed I had an abcess caused by a bowel perforation. I was hospitalized for 40 or 50 days, on antibiotics, etc. Then had surgery. Total days in the hospital was over 60. I had no insurance. My surgeons mentioned about Project Access but it wasn’t till I had another attack that my surgeon ________ got me an appointment to come and see you. So that I could have some test to make sure everything was okay. I cannot tell you enough what a relief it was knowing I would not have anymore expenses for the test that I needed. I have medical bills already that will take years to pay. I am pleased to say the test all came back well. Thank you so much! To all the doctors that have donated their time. I personally thank you all. You have given me not only no extra medical bills, but peace of mind”.

Letter from Patient to Care Manager – “I have decided that since I am doing well, that I will not reapply for Project Access at this time. I am sure there are other applicants who could use it more. Thank you so much for your help. You are a great case worker. You really can tell you enjoy what you do. If in the future I do need some help, I will reapply then.”

Exit Interview Response from Patient – Question: How did the access to care you received through Project Access change your health, well-being, or outlook on life? Answer: I was treated very well. My Care Manager was very kind and respectful. Didn’t make you feel like a low life. Everyone in the office is very professional.

May 25
Statement from Patient – “…stayed tired and then was tested and found that I had throat cancer. If it hadn’t have been for Project Access I just don’t think I could have had the surgery required for the stress of the bills afterward.” “It gave me the chance to have a better and healthier life after being able to get the surgery that was required and to receive the chemo & radiation needed to continue to get better and back to a normal life.” “Kindness showed to me…” – John Horne

April 15
Statement from Patient – “Testicular cancer…was spreading through my body and was in my stomach, lungs, and limp nodes of my throat…” “…was able to get me to see the doctor and start my chemo and help with my pain.” – James Campbell

March 27
Letter from Patient and Family – “I lost my job during the company cutbacks and for a time was on unemployment but without medical insurance. During this time your group was kind enough to approve medical care for _____. …His condition at times requires medical tests and procedures which would not be possible without the aid of Project Access. …are so very grateful…”.

March 13
Note from Patient – “I want to thank you so much for all your help. It has been a great sense of relief to have been accepted to project access”.

March 02
Letter from County Government – “The Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department appreciates the very generous donation of telephones from your agency that will be used in our jail annex. In these days of austere times, you will never understand how much this donation means to the Unicoi Sheriff’s County Department. These phones will enable us to reach another important goal in moving closer to the opening of the jail annex. The words ‘THANK YOU’ seem so insignificant but we really do appreciate this kind gesture very much.”

March 02
Note from Provider – ETSU Family Physicians – “Thank you very much for your help. You do amazing things for my folks!”

February 28
From Project Access to Jeff Hawkins – Thank you for helping us reorganize our space and upgrade our office security.

February 21
Card from Patient – “Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your help in obtaining my colonoscopy and prep meds. You, your staff and “the network” are angels!” “P.S. Cancer free!”

Card from Patient – “To the Staff of Outpatient Cytopathology Center – I would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Stastny. She took time to explain things to me, spent time with me, I never felt rushed. I felt I could trust them. I was saw by them when I had insurance and was treated no different w/o insurance. It was so kind of you all to work with Project Access. It was a blessing. I will tell everyone about your group.”

Card from Patient – “I appreciate everything you’ve done. If it wasn’t for you all, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you so much for your interest in me & all your help.”

January 31
Card from Patient – “I want to thank you for your kindness & diligence in working with me and facilitating my acceptance into the Appalachian Mountain Project Access. I really do not know what I would have done or how I would have faced my health problems without the kindness & compassion of all of those so willing to help & put forth the efforts to organize such an organization as Project Access. May God’s blessings be upon you all. With deep gratitude & appreciation…”

January 28
From Project Access – Thank you to ETSU Student Volunteers for freshening our lobby with a coat of paint. Drab to fab. Thank you Ladies!

January 26
From Project Access – Thank you to Johnson City Press, Kingsport Times News, and Bristol Herald Courier for being so generous toward our Annual Recognition Ad Campaign. It takes us all working together. Thank you Tri-Cities!



November 10
“Thank you to all of the Doctors, Nurses, and Staff that were so helpful through my ordeals.  I don’t know what I would have done without all the help I was provided.  I wish all of you great things in life.  Thank you to Project Access, especially Brooks, who had to listen to my situations…she has great patience…she gave me hope for a better everything.”  -E.M.

“Thank you for the fine needle aspiration and letting me know my goiters are not cancerous.  If you had not did it free, I would have had a hard time sleeping at night, wondering…”  -R.S.

Letter from Patient – “…I would just like to say how very grateful I am to everyone at Project Access for all of the endless work and support they have given me. I honestly do not know what I would do or if I would even still be here if not for them. I’m especially grateful for the fact that not once, has anyone affiliated with Project Access treated me with anything but kindness and compassion. It’s humbling enough to be in this situation without being treated like a lower form of life and you would be suprised how often that happens but not once has it happen at Project Access. Nothing but true kindness and compassion and a true desire and dedication to helping others. How great the world could be if we all could take a lesson from all the people at Project Access…and treat others the way we would have ourselves be treated. I’ll probably never be able to repay all of their kindness from the participating Doctors and Hospitals all the way to the nurses and counselors, but I can start by saying that I am now and will be eternally grateful to all of you. Thank You.”  A.V.

Letter from Patient – “Two years ago, the roller coaster ride of my life started when health problems began to take over.  I started by going to a general practitioner to try to find out why all of a sudden my life had been turned upside down with multiple health issues.  After a through examination, they quickly referred me to a specialist in Internal Medicine.  My primary doctor realized how serious my health conditions were, and began work to try and save my life.  With so many things not understood, there were tests after tests in order to make a determination.

They decided I would need to undergo radiation treatment for lymphatic cancer in my legs which had metastasized to my lungs.  $30,000 later, I found myself faced with the challenge of needing chemotherapy.  I expressed that I could not run up more medical bills that I could not afford to pay.  My nurse, Roxanne, was very quick to react by telling me about this wonderful agency called Project Access.  She could not make me any promises, but in her experience with working with the wonderful staff there, she reassured me she would try to set up my initial appointment to begin the process of applying for financial assistance to help cover the cost of my treatment, which included, doctor visits, diagnostic tests, chemotherapy, and medication.  Just applying for benefits gave me hope and turned my dire situation into something that I could begin to believe in surviving.

I promptly and thoroughly completed the application process so treatment could begin immediately if approved.  It was during this time, I was blessed to meet Ms. Brooks.  She truly is an angel of mercy because her patience, kindness, sense of urgency, and compassion was like nothing I had ever experienced prior to meeting her.  She never gave up on me, or let me give up on my dream of getting healthy.  The entire staff of Project Access began to work very efficiently, and with pleasant eagerness, to assist me in preparing for my treatment.  The staff took over the management and coordination of my treatment and made all of my doctors appointments for me.  The whole process was humbling and indescribable.  There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for all that has been done for me.”

June 01
To Dr. Stastny: “I would like to thank you for treating me during a time that I didn’t have any insurance.  I’m so grateful for Project Access and for caring individuals as yourself.  I am truly blessed that my biopsy was benign, that I am through with school now, and I am hoping to find a job and career with benefits again.  May God bless you.”  -K.H.



November 3
“My health and well being was both a total wreck.  I was depressed all the time and walking with a cane, not able to do housework or enjoy life.  Project Access changed my life by giving me the opportunity to see a doctor which specialized in my Rheumatory Arthritis Disease.  My outlook on life has changed towards a hopeful one.”  -E.S.

October 30
Card from Patient and Family – “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done… Always keep the kind and caring heart you have for others! May your kindness return to you…”

October 21
Note from Patient – “To Everyone at Project Access. Thank you for all you did for me. I couldn’t have made it without your help. God Bless all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Card from Patient – “To my ladies at Access. Since I am still seeing all the doctors and healthcare people that you turned me on to, you ladies are the ones I need to thank. You have been wonderful! At, proable the worse period of my life, you steered me in the direction I needed to go, you took such good care of me! Not only did you save my life by seeing that I got the proper care, but you saved my sanity as well. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am for you. You are all angels.”

Card from Patient and Family – “We really appreciate all the help and kindness you showed our mother during her illness. Thanks to you she was able to get all the medical treatment she needed, without all the heavy burden of financial worries. She was blessed to have such a caring group looking out for her.”

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